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Hey! I'm burlap.

Welcome everyone,


 I'm Burlap and this is Burlap's gambles, a place where we can discuss investments and trading opportunities. We mainly focus on two specific sectors that we believe should have interesting returns for the next decades, green and space-centric technologies. As we already know the climate crisis is an ongoing problem that is affecting the future opportunities of the market, as we devolve into more and more catastrophic events, a fantastic window is opening for the savvy investor that tries to tackle these issues with innovative solutions. From EV and renewables energy, to carbon capture and water treatment, we can predict that these technologies should play a major role to counter the damage that industrialization has done to the mother earth. As we slowly start to understand the impact of our lifestyle on the environment, we came to the realization that the future of economics should either involve a form of degrowth, or at least, a more sustainable growth.


 As we deplete the resources and perpetuate energy intensive and polluting industrial process, an ambitious solution comes to mind, space manufacturing and space resources gathering. Governments are planning their return to the moon and incoming missions will focus on self-sustainability and in situ resource utilization (IZRA), two factors that will forge the path toward a greener and more exciting future. In-space manufacturing benefits of multiples factor like zero-gravity, extreme temperature variations, ultra-clean vacuum, strong sunlight that can be concentrated for power and industrial processes like melting, etc. 



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