Vivopower and his subsidiary Tembo e-LV are tackling the challenge to decarbonize the mining industry, to do so they offer an
all-in-one solution to modernize light vehicles fleets. Cumulating a broad expertise ranging from EV conversion kits to solar farms, generators and battery systems. With over 330m in diverse agreements and a worldwide portfolio, the CEO Kevin Chin, who is holding an impressive amount of shares through AWN holdings, is apparently doing his best to capture deals with important players like GB autos or Toyota Australia.


As the world keep fighting climate changes, Vivopower should be able to maintain 
growth in most of their verticals.

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Good natured products

With a 270% YoY revenue growth totaling CAD $60m, from $1m less than 5 years ago,  Good Natured Products  is benefiting from an aggressive strategy, buying packaging companies and converting them into green packaging and bio-plastic manufacturer. With a Canadian single-use plastic ban soon to happen in Canada, this company should hopefully be able to keep this impressive growth trajectory.

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Blumetric Environmental 

Blumetric is an environmental engineering company. They specialize in environmental
studies and water treatment.  Currently under contract with the Canadian Army, they also have deals with mining companies
and different governmental 
 across Canada.

Their proprietary tech offer fully functional systems that are portable, compact and efficient while being cost effective and easily implementable no matter the environment.

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Vicinity motors

Previously known as Grande West Transportation, Vicinity motors is ongoing a drastic evolution by adding EV buses and trucks to their production linesExpanding in a brand new facility in the state of Washington, a few minutes from their current headquarters in British Columbia they plan to deliver up to 1,000 vehicles a year.


Growth should be anticipated as transit companies start looking into reducing their carbon footprint.

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Tritium Charging

Often overlooked, one of the big opportunity in the transition to EVs is most definitely the deployment of charging stations. Tritium Charging started in 2001 and since then they have managed to capture 15% of Europe's charging stations market, 15% of  North American market and 75% of the Australian market. 

Liquid cooled, fast charging, affordable, tritium super chargers are in the leading pack in this revolution.


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