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Developing, Manufacturing, recycling, powering, sensing, guiding, assembling and all this while maneuvering in-orbit? From Made in space and Deployable Space system to Roccor and Adcole Space,

that's what the diversified portfolio of companies assembled by the team at Redwire plan to. 

With over 50 years and 150+ missions in their track record Redwire should be able to capitalize as we get cheaper launch costs.



Remember the Canada Arm? MDA do since they have been contracted to build one for the third time. Contractor for the Artemis mission, component supplier for the One Web constellation, generating over a hundred million per quarter through a wide variety of products, MDA expertise and "savoir-faire" wins at being discovered by the public.


Rocket LAb

Peter Beck started this company with minimum fund but rapidly became a serious contender in the competitive launch industry, with over 20 successful mission the electron's team is now concentrating their effort on Neutron, a far more capable launch vehicle.


Rocket lab success will depends on how well they execute their vertical integrated model from satellite components to launches, and how effectively they will be able to diversify their product and services portfolio.


velo 3d

Essential to the raptor engine, used by space X for their new starship program, this disruptive 3D printing company is poised to become a serious contender in the 3D manufacturing market. Offering a simpler way to make the most complex parts,  they are currently used by major aerospace players, the current CEO refused a buyout by the SpaceX team. With a somewhat rich valuation, investing in Velo 3d is a bet on a solution to the supply chain issue and the future of manufacturing.

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